Practical and elegant solution to use all services of
resorts, hotels, camps, thermal hotels, aquaparks, etc.

Practical and elegant
solution to use all
services of resorts,
hotels, camps, thermal
hotels, aquaparks, etc.

eWallet Resort

By using an identification media, access control, service payments and content are ensured and controlled in simple way for all guests without needs for carrying their personal belongings, enabling them to enjoy a safe and relaxed holiday.

Hotel management gets the detailed view of all guests activities, theirs consumption and ability to communicate with them through mobile apps.

Control your services

eWallet resort

No cash

eWallet resort

Mobile app

eWallet resort

Keeping up with modern technology

Why eWallet Resort?


Offers direct interaction with guests by providing news about all current activities in hotels through push notification. Guests can easily and quickly find out the latest news about what they are interested in.

No cash

eWallet resort

Wristbands with RFID technology or mobile payment provide new level of experience and carefree holidays for the guests, no need to carry cash or credit cards.

Increase your revenue


Cashless system is used to decrease costs and ensure better services. Experience shows that with faster and simpler payment process, expenditure is increased up to 30%.

Control your services

eWallet resort kontrola usluga

Integrated cashless through mobile app and wristbands gives you full control of guest demands beginning with control access, service reservation and all the way to cost control.

Satisfied guests

eWallet resort zadovoljstvo gosta

In hotel business is the most important guest satisfaction, bad reputation can be crucial in choosing the place for vacation. With individual approach and creating personalized hotel services you can achieve high guest recognition.

Know your guests

eWallet resort poznavanje gosta

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to get personal with your guests and you can easily understand their needs. Integrated with wristbands, they allow you to seamlessly collect information about your guests based on their history of access control and customers habits.

Real-time reports

eWallet resort_Izvjestaji u realnom vremenu

Guest information of their activity and consumption are available in real-time. With collected data, you can easily understand what guests really want through our advanced BI reporting.

Boost hotel staff productivity

eWallet resort_produktivnost osoblja

Implemented eWallet Resort solution in your hotel will get your hotel staff the right tool for increase efficiency because you can send request directly to their devices. Always available mobile app allows prompt and quick reaction as well as reduces the time needed to perform routine tasks. A high-performing employee is motivated to do his job to the best of his ability that bring increase productivity to whole organization.

How does eWallet Resort work?

  1. During check in on reception guest get identification media (wristband, card, pendant etc), code for application and activation code
  2. Activating application automatically connects to guests hotel room (account)
  3. The activation media is used for all  passage through the resort and all the payment guests need
  4. Guest have the ability, through the mobile app, to check all transactions, view offered services and reserve services
  5. In the end, at check-out, guests get a list of consumption and used services as a base for their payment

Simple integration system

Mobile app – service in the palm

Mobile app offers direct communication with guests and visitors through push notification about activities organized within resort and special offers. It is designed according to the user’s requirements.

RESERVE SERVICES – SPA service, restaurant tables, room cleaning, room service…

eWallet Resort backoffice – real time reports

Implemented eWallet Resort solution in your hotel gives you insight into the transaction of each individual guest, their consumption and service reservation, which helps you to understand their specific needs and helps you to create personalized services. With these detailed and focused views you can easily find the issue and resolve it when it is required. It is very important to keep the guests feeling important and satisfied.

Backoffice provides:

  1. A detailed insight into all guest activities and their consumptions
  2. Direct communication with guests via mobile app
  3. Cooperation with the local community  through marketing activities
  4. Simple and fast reporting and real-time statistics
  5. Advanced BI analytics
  6. Service usage statistics
  7. Traffic analysis by groups and service categories
  8. Integration with existing PMS system
  9. Customization and personalization applications

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