Whether you want to increase your conference’s profits by 30 percent or instantly reduce crowds at entrances to your conference halls, the eWallet Festival digitalizes the experience of your conferences, seminars and other business events.


Event Conference is a mobile app and a simple digital wristband that will make your life as the event planner easier. After registration, the user connects their user account to the mobile app that offers them an overview of contents and speakers, while also getting access via a QR code or an RFID wristband.

What do your business event’s attendees get – with the eWallet Conference?

The eWallet Conference provides business users who attend your conferences, seminars or business conventions, and to whom time is money, with an overview of the program via a mobile app, and allows them to arrange meetings and communicate with the moderator. By using the eWallet Conference, you streamline the entry process to halls with QR codes or RFID wristbands, as well as:

  • Reduce crowds at entrances or food and beverage services by controlling access points via QR codes/barcodes in the mobile app or smart wristbands;
  • No more wandering the halls, considering that attendees have all information about the program, including the lecture agenda, the list of speakers and partners – in the app;
  • Communicate with attendees via push notifications by the app, such as reminders about the lectures’ start time;
  • Enable users to arrange meetings through the app by entering new appointments and checking the existing ones;
  • Make it easier for participants and speakers to get acquainted with each other through saving their contact data by scanning the QR code mentioned before.


In all cases, your team in the background will get a detailed insight into all guest activities and their spending, as well as have a complete supervision of sales at all times – in real time.


As a business event planner, you do not have much time to keep track of all data. The eWallet Conference back office system gives you all data on the trends and activities o–f your users in real time, so that you are aware of your event’s success.

Finally, it is not enough for you to only find quality lecturers, through the eWallet Conference app you can get to know all of your guests’ interests, and have the opportunity for direct communication.


Conferences and fairs that use the eWallet Conference Conference


FRA Arena Zagreb

FRA Arena Beograd

Digital Culture Hybrid Meetup

Customer Experience Hybrid Meetup

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